About Us

Oob Automation is established in year 2015.  Oob Automation is one of the top Wireless Smart Home Automation System, IoT(internet of things)/latest wireless technology company in India. We have our own research and development center as well our manufacturing / production unit. Our products are designed, developed in India. We provides wireless smart home automation system for every budget with best pricing to our clients for all kind of home Automation requirements. We are one stop solution for your digital needs like Smart home Automation, Security systems, Home theaters, Sensor lighting etc. for residential as well as industry 4.0 , Hotel Automation, Hospital Automation, Smart Agriculture Automation.  

Our victory solutions deliver on necessary aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy potency and operational potency that are necessary in these segments. Google Home & Amazon Alexa voice management also are offered by Oob Automation. we tend to at pioneers in providing solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity  to suit new construction and existing home with the affordable range, reliability, economy and with the smallest amount disruption to the shoppers throughout reading.

What we are ?

We are a trusted home automation company that specializes in bringing robust automation systems to the table. With our products, you can certainly transform the way your home or office works. Our high quality products have time and again satisfied the needs of our clients in the best possible way. You can control and monitoring your smart home by Oob wireless smart Home Automation system.

What  we do?

We are an IoT based company we develops, designs, manufactures and market selling to our product. Being highly reputed provider of Smart home Automation solution, we focus on providing highly reliable and flexible automation consulting solution that can provide to specific home or business needs. We aim to provide your security needs in the most sophisticated manner to ensure that safety of your home is in right hands and you can have the perfect peace of mind.

Our Vision: our vision is to be global leader in the field of Smart home Automation system and wireless Automation system and also provide high quality, reliable and affordable solution to control,provide 24×7 hours services  and security of your home with minimal effort in the indian market. And also save energy.

Our Mission: Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Smart Hospitals, Smart industry, Smart city, Smart Digital india.

Motto: “Just One Touch For, Everything