Easy Installation

Installation Guidelines :

  • The recommended concealed box to be used should be of 38mm to 42 mm depth.
  • The concealed box must be fixed at least 1 inch inside the wall surface or surface to surface.
  • All the load wires connected to the panels must not be more than 6 inch long.
  • Avoid over tightening of the mounting screws in the concealed box.
  • The Oob Panel back box should not get bend due to over tightening of screws.
  • Ensure that the wall surface is plain and in level on which the Oob back box is to be fixed. If it is un-even, the back box will get bend while tightening the screws and there may be chances of loose connection.
  • After connecting all the loads and back box on the concealed box, fix the Oob touch Panel properly and ensure that it is perfectly locked with the back box.
  • Never use CAT5/6 Cable for any load or looping the power in the back box. This may result into improper functioning of Oob touch modules.
  • Any Oob touch module damaged due to improper connections, installation by non technical person or improper power supply will not be covered under warranty

Terms and Conditions for Cloud Usage:


  • Delivery will be 5-7 working day after the confirmation of payment. and also same time repeat id any board added during installation.
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  • Oob Automation not responsible for any content uploaded on cloud. The user is solely responsible for it.
  • Oob Automation provides sufficient security features but storage is vulnerable to data theft so in any such cases, Oob Automation not responsible for data loss.


Basic requirement on side

  • concealed box must be compatible legrand frame and same as other.
  • concealed box’s surface and wall  surface zero zero-zero
  • insight concealed box you can’t put distribution and MCB
  • Must be clear electrical wiring done by electrician
  • in 6M modular frame don’t together hum free fan in that case concealed box must be need 8M box
  • Minimum concealed box 4M modular
  • on/off , only Dimmer,  Dimmer + fading …etc  detail must be mention in  xls sheet
  • if touch module look outer level due to concealed box also out level in that’s case remove that touch module and install regular switch boar or info to end customer about this issue (after installation customer can’t see concealed box they only see/view touch module but they didn’t understand touch module out level due to concealed box)

Other detail

  • You can add normal LED light max 5 in single point and if DC drive led than max 3 for 1 point note there all dc drive same watt /same company
  • You have to mention heavy load point if have in any board
  • Electrical wiring no in our scope
  • Wiring as per standard color code
  • Wire gauge normal load 1.00mm wire require
  • Wire gauge Heavy load 2.5mm/3.00mm wire require
  • In single board have normal load and heavy load then we require separate normal load L and N and Heavy Load L and N , for proper load division
  • Room vice separate MCB for batter load divination
  • If any Touch module require custom print then you have to send your selected image via mail on info@oobautomation.com / not via what’s up
  • Is there any problem in wiring we will help out to short out problem by technical support
  • Single switch or per board require no of wire as per
  • There is no require any cat5/cat6 cable
  • in case short circuit during installation or wiring do not afraid of its all module have individual fuse protection and it’s also easily replace