Agriculture Automation

Agriculture automation is a blend of smart Farming and exactness agriculture into existing farming practices resulting in increased production strength, quality of agriculture merchandise, improved standard of life for farm staff by reducing labor and tedious tasks.

With automated farming, you can easily obtain information about the moisture of the land (especially on sunny days farming automation can help to the auto-activate valve for watering the plant and vice versa), can control lights, valve, and water level, check the status of using your mobile Application and you also can check the status of the all the activities in your smartphone. Every aspect of automated farming can be benefited from advanced farming automation from planting to watering to harvesting.

Most upcoming agriculture technologies are categorized under three heads which are expected to become the pillars of the smart farm: Real-time monitoring by drone, Robotics Labors, Sensors, and the Internet Of Things (IoT). IoT-based smart agriculture is creating a buzz in the world of farming. Here are glimpses of automated farming;

  • Seeding and Planting:

Once a huge challenge, sowing, has now become an opportunity because of agriculture automation. With autonomous tractors and IoT-enabled systems, future farming can feed information back to the farmer allowing for optimal growth. Geo Mapping along with sensor data can help in detailing clay quality, moisture, solidity, and nutrient levels take a lot of the guesswork out of the seeding process.

  • Automatic watering and Irrigation

Smart farming pairs SDI (Subsurface Drip Irrigation) which is the most prevalent irrigation method to control crop watering time and situation with IoT based smart agriculture sensor helps to continuously monitor moisture levels and plant health automatically.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

One of the most useful tasks drones can take on is remote monitoring and analysis of fields and crops saving tons of time for generally wasted in personal trips.

  • Farm to Market

GPS tracker in the vehicles facilitates tracking of the location of the truck or any supplier vehicles ensuring safe and timely delivery. Online money Transfer for Smart agriculture automation system we ensure timely billing and quality check

  • Farming Management System

In Farming management system helps to get live updates of the farmer, market, Customer, and rates and enables online buying and selling.