Agriculture Automation

Smart Farming and exactness agriculture involve the mixing of advanced technologies into existing farming practices so as to extend production Strength and also the quality of agriculture merchandise. As a new profit, they additionally improve the standard of life for farm staff by reducing significant labor and tedious tasks.

In Agriculture Automation you can control valve, lights and water level. Because of this smart Automation system you will get information about the Moisture of the Land. you will get all the information in the mobile Application and you also can check the status of the all the Activities in your  Smartphone. Just about every aspects of Farming can benefits from technological advancements from Planting and watering to crop health and harvesting(More).

In Smart Agriculture Automation System you can set the moisture Sensor so you will the information about the moisture of the farm. Benefits of the system is  if the atmosphere is so sunny in that time your farming area is being dry that time Moisture sensor is activate and automatic water valve is on and it spread water into the farm. If the atmosphere is Cloudy so moisture of farm is being maintain the moisture of farm and you can save the water. So, this Smart Agriculture automation is very important to the farm and Grains.


Most of the current and upcoming agriculture technologies fall into three categories that are expected to become the pillars of the smart farm: Robotics Labors, Real time monitoring by drone, Sensors and the Internet Of Things (IoT).

  • Seeding and Planting:

Sowing seeds was once a Challenging Manual Process. Modern agriculture improved on that with seeding machines, which can cover more ground much faster than a human. As farming moves into the future, existing precision seeders will come together with autonomous tractors and IoT enabled system that feed information back to the farmer. Effective seeding requires control over two variables: Planting seeds at the correct depth, and spacing plants at the appropriate distance apart to allow for optimal growth.

Correctness seeding equipment is designed to maximize these variables every time.  Combining Geo Mapping and sensor data detailing clay quality, solidity, moisture and nutrient levels takes a lot of the guesswork out of the seeding process. An entire field could be planted this way, with only a single human monitoring the process over a video feed or digital control dashboard on a computer or tablet, while multiple machines roll across the field.

  • Automatic watering and Irrigation

The Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) is already a prevalent irrigation method that allows farmers to control when and how much water their crops receive. By pairing these SDI system with increasingly sophisticated IoT enabled sensor to continuously monitor moisture levels and plant health, farmers will be able to intervene only when necessary, otherwise allowing the system to operate autonomously.

  • Real Time Monitoring and Analysis

One of the most useful tasks drones can take on is remote monitoring and analysis of fields and crops. Imagine the benefits of using a small fleet of drones instead of workers spending hours on their feet or in a vehicle travelling back and forth across the field to visually check crop conditions. Farmers can review the data, and Only make personal trips out into the field when there is a specific issue that needs their attention, rather than wasting time and effort by tending to healthy plants.

  • Farm to Market

When the crop of Grains, Vegetables and Fruits are grown and transport it into the market by truck that time we can set the GPS tracker in the vehicles  and we can tracking the location of the truck or any supplier vehicles. We can transfer money by online transfer. For this Smart agriculture automation system we can check all the status of crop and billing in our smart phone.

  • Farming Management System

In Farming management system we will get live updates of the farmer, market, Customer and rates. Customer will shop Grains, Fruits and vegetables online and we provides home delivery. So the customer get  Vegetables, fruits and grains at home. We are also providing materials Farmer to customer so the customer get fresh vegetables, Fruits and many more things.