Hospital Automation

Oob smart Hospital automation may be a revolutionary technology that permits you to automate all the useful parts of your hospital (lighting, HVAC, SECURITY, ETC.) from your smartphone. Exploitation our wireless automation ideas, hospitals will deliver extraordinary healthcare facilities to patients and their wanted ones, whereas conjointly rising memorability, tractability, and profitable of their organization.

A Hospital management system is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a hospital’s operation such as medical, financial, administrative, legal and compliance. Hospital Automation system typically includes Outpatients and inpatient management, pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, inventory, Mobile Apps, online scheduling, Doctor and patients portals, Accounting, HR/Payroll, Blood Bank, Alert system, feedback, Lab Machines and Bio-metric Integration. We are provides digital transforms so no need to waiting and no need extra paper file documents. You will get notification if the scheduling of your appointment time  is changed.

While request automation suppliers supply restricted smartphone integration, we have a tendency to support multiple touch points, like voice and gesture recognition to supply unmatched convenience and delight to our customers. Patients will currently activate area lights or decision their wanted ones by merely speech intelligent voice assistant or moving their hands. The most effective part? Our Automation merchandise area unit 100% wireless, retrofit devices, which implies they will be obstructed behind your existing switches and plugs at zero demolition or internal wiring prices.

Control everything with Application (Android/iOS).

Want to show off the air conditioner? Or need to open the door, while not obtaining up? Our easy-to-use Oob Automation Technology framework crates it easy for patient to regulate all the useful parts within the area, from their smartphone.

…. Or through a voice command.

We perceive that not each patient would be dependent on exploitation their smartphone, once they’re not feeling nice. That’s the rationale we offer complete voice – integration for automating useful parts within the area.

Patient will currently put off lights, lock/unlock doors, modification channel, or cut back the area temperature, just by supply a voice command.

…. or exploitation simply hands gestures.

For patients that don’t need to use their voice or smartphone to regulate the useful parts within the area, we have a tendency to conjointly support hand-gesture recognition.

Patient will currently get things done, just by moving their hand in an exceedingly pre-defined direction. We have a tendency to even support muscle-movement chase, permitting users to required actions with tokenism body movement.

Deliver superior health care facilities at scale. Every leading health care organization strives to supply the best healthcare facilities to their patients, however as they grow over time, it becomes difficult to enhance patient satisfaction and cut back operational overheads. Exploitation hospital automation technology, hospitals will currently contour workflows, cut back the turn-around time and flatten the supply-demand curve.

For instance, you’ll be able to currently got wind of machine driven triggers to deliver instant healthcare services to patient.

Monitor your patients from anyplace.

We create it straightforward for caretakers to trace, monitor and consider their smartphone, pill or pc. Get period of time notifications from patient desires personal attention, it’s not possible for hospital to scale their operations and keep track of each single patient activity. However, with hospital Automation you’ll be able to currently push instant notifications to allotted care-takers if the patient gets unresponsive for a protracted amount or demands special attention.

Stay updated with intelligent sensing.

From Chase room-temperature to sensing period of time patient movements, it’s currently straightforward, easy and convenient for care-taker t updated with all the environmental parameters, even whereas they’re on the go.

Benefits of Hospital Automation system:

  • Hospital Automation system allows to easy access to doctors data to generate varied records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age and so on.
  • Improves the communication and interaction of doctors with their patient.
  • It helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive healthcare policies.
  • Enhances the overall healthcare experience in a healthcare facility.
  • It reflects an improved drug usage monitoring system, including its effectiveness. It relegates adverse drug interaction to the background and gives a push to  appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.
  • Our hospital automation system is easy to install and easy to use and eliminates errors caused by handwriting.
  • New technology computer system give perfect perform to pull up information from server to cloud server.
  • Having all data in a single platform enables our business intelligence module to provide valuable insights of hospital operation and Quality of patient care.