Baby Hub

The Baby hub is a wireless hub in which you can operate appliances to its limited area to around the Home/Offices etc. These hubs work sort of a translator between recent devices and IoT technology. They expand the IoT applications in your home by adding good potential to ancient devices.

Oob Automation’s premium baby parenting hub comes with an inbuilt WIFI, it’s also connected with our home WIFI router. With Oob Automation’s baby hub system you can control and access IR-based remote systems like TV, AC, Music system, projector, etc. It works in an exceedingly easy means. The pushing button of the IR remote makes the junction rectifier flash. The receiver on the device interprets the LED’s light-weight pulses into commands and operates accordingly. Oob Automation’s baby monitor hub system offers the feature of an inbuilt sim card and voice control compatibility.

IR hub is an entirely different system from a sensible home hub. Within the recent setup, you’d manage a tool exploitation Associate in IR remote. The people who have no WIFI Router at home and want to access devices from Mobile Application for those people Oob Automation Provides baby Hub.

You can operate Smart Baby hub with different 9 ways as a touch panel and manual switch, any types of IR remote, android and iOS app, smartwatch, tablet, and laptop/desktop, Alexa and google home, Oob smart o ring to access from anywhere and anytime.

  • No need to WIFI router at home
  • Remote Access/ it will access the Appliances to the range of frequency area
  • No need to extra spaces
  • Inbuilt WIFI in baby hub
  • Inbuilt control AC/TV/Music system
  • Voltage : 90V to 230V
  • Frequency : 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Remote : IR remote or 433Mhz
  • Module size : As per standard
  • Weight : <1KG
  • Material : ABS or acrylic
  • Sound indication : Buzzer
  • Technology : Wi-Fi / Radio Frequency
  • Security : Oob Algorithm
  • Operation Temperature : -40 C to 85 C
  • Relative humidity : 5 to 95 %
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Hotel
  • Smart Hospital