Digital Door Lock Type-2

Oob Automation Provides Digital door lock system with Application. You can access all the lock of your home by Smartphone (Android/iOS). It Gives attractive and elegant look to your home. This digital door lock system you can access by Manual key, Password, Pattern lock, Finger Print, Eye scan, Smart phone, RFID Card, Remote, Button and voice Command.

If any unknown person is try to unlock the door lock you will get hutter(Big Sound, alert ring, speaker) into your mobile. You will also get SMS alert and call alert into your Smartphone.

You will set Digital door lock system at your Home, Office, Building and Hospital because of Security purpose. You can set Digital door lock system For different Security Level. You can set the level of Digital door lock system like Password+Fingerprint +Eyescan, Manual key + pattern lock + button, Eyescan +Smart Phone +RFID , Remote + Button + voice Command and etc.

You can access Digital door lock with application system by 9 ways. You can also access Digital door lock system by Alexa and Google Home.


  • Easy to access
  • Customise to meet your needs
  • immediately reset locks
  • Cloud based key tracking Software
  • You will get SMS alert, Call alert in to your Smartphone.
  • Operate by 9 ways
  • Operate by Smartphone (Android/iOS)
  • You can set different level of Digital door lock