Light Sensor

We at Oob Automation offers lightweight sensing element to detect intensive/sun lightweight flow & darkness. Lightweight sensors help you every day by sleuthing and reacting to completely different levels of sunshine in appliances, switches, and machines usually used for motion lights, mechanism intelligence.

The Light sensing element can convert the lightweight input into corresponding electrical output. It is mainly used in the automatic light sensor system, automatic brightness management panel module, security devices in home, workplace, and hospital, to live lightweight seen by the camera, etc.

The light sensors are affordable and are used for gauging and responding to light levels and easily integrate with the lighting system and can be operated anytime anywhere through the Smartphone (Android/iOS). These sensors belong to a gaggle known as photoresistors and are common in outside lights to sight motion for security functions.

We can set light sensor integrated with motion sensor in Commercial area, on highways, in residential and commercial buildings, industrial set, Villa, Bungalows, ambient lights, and Societies to help to prevent robbery other such cases by turning on lights for better security. Oob light sensor automation also adjusts the brightness of outdoor light and inside lights.

Following are the benefits of sunshine sensor:

  • Quick and Easy to integrate with lighting system
  • Supports energy savings
  • Automatic management of brightness level involved panel module and on/off of
  • Available in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Affordable and supply digital output

Oob’s Light automation system can be used in:

  • For commercial lighting using a commercial Street light sensor
  • Residential automatic light sensor for home
  • Street light
  • Indoor lights
  • Motion-activated night light
  • Wardrobe light