Light Sensor

We at Oob Automation Provides lightweight sensing element. It works supported  lightweight / illumination of intensive/sun lightweight flow on sensing element lightweight goes off/detect darkness suggests that light sensing element works darkly it detects darkness. The sensing element lights are on once system sight darkness. lightweight sensors assist you everyday by sleuthing and reacting to completely different levels of sunshine in appliances, switches and machines. folks use lightweight sensors for motion lights, mechanism intelligence and far additional.

The Light sensing element could be a device that converts lightweight input into corresponding electrical output. it’s utilized in automatic light sensor system, automatic brightness management involved panel module, security devices in home, workplace and hospital, to live lightweight seen by the camera etc.


The light sensors are used for gauging and responding to light levels. It is easy to integrate with lightning system. It is access  Quick latent period and supply digital output. you can Control light sensor anytime anywhere through the Smartphone (Android/iOS).

The light sensors are cheap and ordinarily used for gauging and responding to light levels. These lightweight sensors work as automatic switches for various devices. They belong to a gaggle known as photo resistors. lightweight sensors are common in outside lights to sight motion for security functions.

We can set light sensor in Commercial area and highway street light. And we can also set light sensor in residential area like  Buildings, Apartments, Villa, Bungalows and Societies. So when any unknown person or thief are come inside the residential area the all lights are ON and alarm rings on so that type we can provides securities to our home and Societies.

Oob Automation’s light sensor is working on compare between outdoor lights. This light sensor adjust brightness of outdoor light and inside lights. This sensor is adjust brightness of lights when outdoor brightness and windows brightness are come into the home. So this light sensor is based on indoor lights and outdoor lights.

A light Sensor is integrate with motion sensor. It is working on movement of person in around the sensor area. The all the lights of home office, Commercial and residential area are ON when the unknown person is entered the area. So that type we can provide security to our self and home.

Following are the benefits of sunshine sensor:

  • Easy to integrate with lightning system
  • It is supported energy consumption
  • Energy automatic management by level of brightness involved panel module and on/off of
  • street lights supported close intensity level.
  • Light sensors are on the market in numerous color, shapes and sizes.
  • Quick latent period, lower in price and supply digital output


  • Commercial Street light
  • Residential Street light
  • Indoor lights
  • Integrate light sensor with motion sensor