Motion Sensor

A motion sensor element is that the keystone of your security system, as a result of it’s the most devices that detects once somebody is in your home after they shouldn’t be. A motion sensor uses one or multiple technologies to discover movement in a region. If a sensing element is tripped, a sign is shipped to your security system’s control board, that connects to your watching center, alerting you and therefore the watchmaking to a possible threat in your home.

Oob Automation system provides Motion Sensor in System. it’s works based on human body temperature detection and activity and ON light as per set timer, detection range, day and night mode. In Motion sensor, you can set the detection of the area. when anyone comes in home and that person is going around detection area the lights are ON and you also can set detection in 3ft to 15ft. you can Activate Motion sensor in a different place like in Garden, On stair, in the bathroom, in the main entry, in the storeroom and worship Room (Pooja room) and in foyer.

A motion device will what you’re thinking that it will – it detects motion and movement in a vicinity. These sensors stand watch after you don’t seem to be home; they’ll provide you with a warning if there’s movement among your home, or if your doors or windows are opened or closed.

Motion sensors are nice for serving to avoid wasting energy. These sensors will be connected to lighting or the thermostat to assist management the energy usage during an area supported the occupancy of the space. A multi-sensor combines many sensors into one device. a number of the combined capabilities embody motion, temperature, light, humidity, vibration, and UV.

How does Motion Sensor work?

  • when we are not at home and we want to set Motion sensor in lights so it can activate when we go to at light and lights are automatic on and we are going too far and no presence detect then the lights are automatic Off. we can set Motion sensor our security purpose.
  • Now we are not at home and anyone comes to your home so we can activate (ON) security mode in Mobile app now when the person enters in home so all lights are ON and also sound siren so the people who live around your home they saw at home in this type you will get Security because of Motion Sensor.
  • Nowadays most of building/ complex has underground parking/ Basement area. So there no 2-4 lights there are 100-200 lights in the basement so when sunset at 6 PM all lights are on 6 PM to 6 AM. so all lights are ON for 12 hours. If in this area we activate the motion sensor in the basement area so it is work on that area in which area running any kind of Activity 4 -6 lights are on in around area. If there is no Activity running the lights are OFF.
  • So, In Motion sensor, the lights are on in basement area are on 5-6 Hours so we can save energy and save electricity bill. We can save electricity 50% to 60 %. Within 1-2 years we can recover the cost of a Motion sensor and we can save a bill for a lifetime.
  • We can set motion sensor in Wash area. When we want to wash our hand that time sensor is activate and flow of water is on when we are done hand wash that time the flow of water is stop. So we can save the waste of water.
  • We can set the Motion Sensor in Bathroom. When we go for taking bath the lights are on and after taking bath the all lights are Off of the Bathroom.  
  • We can Set Motion Sensor in Stairs of Home, Buildings, Flats etc. when all lights are Off and we want to go on the first floor home the all lights are On/OFF around the Motion area. So when the unknown Person is come in the home or Building that time all lights are On/Off of their Motion area. At that type we can secure our self.
  • We can Set the Motion Sensor in Storeroom. Basically all the people are put their all usable things in the Store Room. At that time we are entered the Store Room the all lights of Store Room are On and we are out in the Store Room the all the Lights OFF of the Store Room.
  • We Can Set the Motion Sensor in Garden Area. when the unknown person are entered in the Garden in mid night at that time the Sensor is Activated and all lights are On off the Garden Area and we can get update of the person who are entered in to the Garden. At that type we can secure our Garden Area.
  • We can Set Motion Sensor in Parking Area. when  we are come at home at midnight and want to park the bike or Car in Parking area at that time the Motion Sensor are activated and lights are On of the Parking area so we can Park the bike or Car. That type of Motion Sensor we can secure our Parking area.
  • We can Set Motion Sensor in Children Room. when the Children are come and playing into the room at that time the all lights are On of their room and when the children are sleeping at that time the Motion Sensor are deactivate and all lights are OFF of the children Room.
  • We Can Sen Motion Sensor in Office Entry area. The Motion Sensor activate when the any person is entered the office and deactivate when the person is goes out of Office.