Motion Sensor

A motion sensor element is the keystone of any security system as most of the devices detect once somebody is in your home using one or multiple technologies to discover movement in a region. If a sensing element is tripped, a sign is shipped to your security system’s control board, that connects to your watching center, and alert and aware you towards possible threat in your home.

Oob Automation system offers Motion Sensor System which works on the basic human body temperature detection or activity and turns ON light open/close doors, as per set timer,  detection range, day and night mode. One can activate the Motion sensor in a different place like in the Garden, staircase, bathroom, main area, entry, storeroom and worship Room (Pooja room), and the foyer.

There are various types of motion sensor and motion sensors help to save energy. Motion sensors are connected to lighting or the thermostat to assist management regarding energy usage. A multi-sensor combines many sensors into one device for combined capabilities embody motion, temperature, light, humidity, vibration, and UV.

How does Motion Sensor work?

Motion sensors are great detectors and can detect sharply and easily according to the set parameters and can help to perform the task they are programmed to perform saving time, money, energy. Motion sensors can be used in different areas according to the need. Motion sensors can be used in ;

  • Lights – to turn on and off according to the presence of people
  • Wash Area – to control the water flow and water wastage using motion detector alarm
  • Staircase – to control the lighting for saved energy and security using motion sensor stair lights
  • Door – to open and close the door after detecting the presence of person using motion dector sensor
  • Parking Area – to park vehicles securely using motion detector camera
  • Bathroom/Storeroom – to control lighting
  • Garden Area – to strengthen security and safety
  • Children Room – to control lightning and temperature
  • Office Entry Area – to keep track of people coming in and going out of office using motion sensor camera