Pearl Series


O  110v – 230 v / 50-60Hz                                                     

Load capacity up to 30A                                                       

O  No need rewiring                                                                                            

O No need to run cat/cat6

O Look simple but Smart

No need to extra space

Product Description:

Our Pearl – Series is the only touch Series in which we convert your traditional switchboard into a Smart touch panel Module system into a very affordable range giving a smart and elegant look to your home. This series offers your high quality, easy to install touch screen switch panel removing the need for any MCB and Civil work and wiring change. Pearl series is entirely Indian designed and manufactured. We provide 1- year guarantee & a 1-year warranty, 24*7 services at your doorstep. Pearl series vanish off the need for CAT-6 wiring. You will get onboard USB 2.0 in the touch panel display, slider fan regulator and can operate this Series in just feather touch. This series helps you to set baby photo touch panel display in your children’s room empowering you to feel a luxury lifestyle.

OOb Automation system is compatible to countries where operating voltage is 110V/60Hz and high load capacity is 2A to 30A (like Fan. TV, Refrigerator, AC, Wate pump, etc.) like the USA, UK, and Australia, Our touch panel system can be operated into -40 C to 85 C operation temperature and 5 to 95% Relative Humidity.

Oob System is wireless, frameless system work as smart touch panel display can be set in Hotels, Malls, temples, Showroom, Home, Offices, Conference Hall, Smart classes, Apartment/ flats/bungalows/villas, Commercial building with access in HM tower, water pump, Street light, and other Home appliances.

Quick : Just login into Oob’S Smart  App and you can control/access/operate  all the Home Appliances. Quick set up and quick accessible

Easy:  Oob automation wireless system is easy to install, easy to use for child, young and aged people, literature and Non – Literature people also easily access by remotes and Apps.

Safe: Oob automation wireless system  is totally waterproof and shockproof.

Secure: Oob automation wireless system is working on Oob Algorithm designed by Oob so it is protected by Hardware and Firmware.

Affordable: Oob automation’s smart switches for home automation is a smart affordable solution for all class people.


No need to change Switch/Switch board

  • No need to change Switch/Switchboard, wiring, conceal box, extra cost, 2-way wiring
  • Sparkles switch
  • No need to set up and initialization in apps
  • Hum free fan regulator 0 to 5 step
  • Total shockproof
  • Affordable and Save Energy
  • ON/OFF
  • Fan speed regulator
Technical specification
  • Voltage : 90V to 230V
  • Frequency : 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Module size : As per standard
  • Weight : <1KG
  • Material : ABS or acrylic
  • Load capacity : 2A to 30A
  • Operation Temperature : -40 C to 85 C
  • Relative humidity : 5 to 95 %

  • Exiting switchboard work as smart board
  • HM tower
  • Water pump
  • Street light
  • Any Home appliances
Quick - Easy - Safe - Secure - Affordable
  • Quick – Quick set up and quick accessible
  • Easy – Easy to install
  • Safe – shock proof
  • Secure – Secure Oob algorithm
  • Affordable – Smart solution in affordable range