Roller Curtain

Oob Automation provides Smart motorized Roller Curtains. You can set Oob’s  smart motorized roller curtains in to your Home, Offices, Banquet hall, Hotel and hospitals. This Roller curtains is simple, stylish and easy to operate.  The roller curtains can be rolled up and Down to achieve the required level of shading. You can set the motor inside the pipe of Roller curtains. So the motor is activate and the curtains are rolling up and down.

Oob Automation Provides Mobile  Application(Android/iOS). So you can open and close the rolling curtains in just one touch.  You can operate Smart Motorized Roller Curtain by 9 Ways. You can operate it by Smart Phone Anytime Anywhere. You can also control Rolling Curtains by Alexa and Google Home.

9 Ways:

  • Manual/Touch: After installation Oob smart wireless system all the manuals switches are working as it is.
  • IR Remotes:  you can Open and close Roller curtains by IR remotes.
  • Android Mobile:  You can control Roller curtains by Android Oob smart app. you can also control all the Openable curtains of Office/Hotel/Hospital  by Oob smart app.
  • iOS: You can control all your  Home Roller curtains by iOS Oob smart app, Apple device like I phone, i pad, Apple smart watch, Air pods.
  • Tablet:  You can control all the Home Roller curtains by Table Oob smart apps. You can set this tablet on the table of your living room, set on wall and also movable area.
  • Laptop:  You can control your all Home Roller curtains by Laptop/PC. Oob provides Web Oob that you can access in to any laptop and Desktop.
  • Smartwatch:  You can control your all Home Roller curtains from oob Smartwatch.
  • Alexa:  Nowadays in trend  technology to your all home Roller curtains are Access by voice Command. so Oob Smart wireless Automation System integration to Amazon alexa and Google Home/ Google Assistants.               
  • O Ring:  O Ring is Oob’s smart wireless Product that you can use it on Dining table and office.  You can control your all Home Roller curtains by O Ring.


  • Home
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Banquet Hall
  • Hospital