Smart Water Level

Oob Automation’s Smart wireless water level system helps to check the water level of the Underground and overhead water tank using an indicator sensor that is placed inside the water tank.

Oob Automation’s Smart water gadget is a smart device and comes with an auto cut-off switch, which automatically turns OFF the water pump once the tank is full as the water level of the tank is connected to switch in such a way that when the water in the tank is full it gets cut out further water flow and when the water level in the tank is lower it automatically turns on pumping for water flow.

With the help of the Oob Automation Mobile Application (Android/iOS), it is easy to keep eye on the real-time water level of your tank through your smartphones. Our application also provides a timer function to start and stop water flow, the Emergency alert when the water level is low, so you can turn ON/OFF pump anytime anywhere in the world. The smart water-level system can be operated in 9 different ways.

Why Smart Water with Oob?

  • Saves Power
  • Save Money
  • Works automatically
  • Automatically turns on and off pumping according to water level
  • Timer function
  • Easy to install and use
  • Mobile app-based configuration

Smart Water Gadget can be used in:

  • Home
  • Industrial area
  • Commercial and Residential Complex
  • Factories
  • Apartments
  • Pool water level control
  • Stream level monitoring