Smart Water Meter

Oob Automation’s IoT smart water meter system is an electronic device mostly used by water utility companies to measure and read water consumption helps to operate the data less physical layer of pipes, pumps, and valves. Smart water meter automatically captures and communicates the water meter readings concerning real-time water consumption.

The world is facing water scarcity and saving water in the necessity of the moment and outsmart water meter technology helps operators to detect leakages in pipelines and reducing water losses and controlling the water consumption and conserving water. It also helps in controlling water undersupply, leakages, illegal water tapping, and other forms of water wastage.

It is very complex to detect the water leaks as there is a hidden maze of pipes in the entire house, Smart sensor and smart water flow meter can help to detect leaks immediately and alert as it detects the water flow even when no water-using appliance. So, you can set this smart home water meter system in Pipes, Pumps, and Valves to control and stop leakage of water and waste of water by setting customized water levels as per need. Our smart water meter and mobile Application (Android or iOS) also offers water usage calculation and across the planet access.

Why Oob’s Smart Water Flow Meter?

  • Accurate bills
  • Instant water meter reading by eliminating manual meter reading
  • A standard in-home energy display without any additional cost
  • Save Money & energy
  • Faster resolution of water-related problems
  • Monitoring the electric system more quickly
  • Offers real-time data useful for balancing electric loads
  • Helpful to optimize income with existing resources

Smart Water Meter by Oob can be used in:

  • Home
  • Hotel
  • Industrial area
  • Commercial Complex
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Bungalows