Sound/Clap Sensor

We all have heard the story of that princess who use to clap as and when she wanted to call the servant or needed to get something done. A clap sensor is a stimulating hobby circuit that activates the lights with a clap sound. Though the name of the sensor is its name is “clap sensor”, however, it will be turned ON by any sound with a similar pitch of clap sound as it works on base sound.

Oob Automation system provides CLAP sensor which turned lights ON and OFF in just double clap using sound clap sensor. Especially elderly people who feel difficulty getting up and walking can be pleased with the clap sensor switch to turn on and off appliances including television while sitting at the same place and position merely with two claps. Clap sensors are specially designed to bring ease, comfort, and peace to life.

Top benefits of Sound Clap Sensor:

  • Used for security system
  • Use for Children who unable to reach the Switchboard.
  • Very useful for Aged People who want operate appliances without any movement