We all know how important water is to our lives and you can save a lot of water with the Oob Smart sprinkler system. A sprinkler is a device used to irrigate agriculture crops, Landscapes, Lawns, and other areas. The water is distributed through a network that may consist of Pumps, pipes, valves, and Sprinklers. OOB Smart Sprinkler system eliminates the need to turn on/off a sprinkler or you can set the timer in your absence to operate the sprinkler system. The sprinkler can be used for residential, Lawns, Landscapes, industrial, agriculture purposes, an area where water is available, etc. Sprinklers are also used for cooling & controlling airborne dust.

The perpendicular pipes with rotating nozzles on top are joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals of time. When water flows through the main pipe once starts pumping, it escapes from the rotating nozzles. It gets sprinkled on the lawns and crops. They are attached to the water supply and are permanently installed in the ground.

Oob Automation provides you a Smartphone application to set time and access the sprinkler. anytime anywhere in the world.

Why Oob Automation’s Smart Sprinkler:

  • Easy to install and Use
  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • Timer
  • Security Provider
  • Save water
  • High and frequent application can be effectively accomplished
  • Easy Mechanization and automation
  • Suitable for all types of field and conditions
  • Minimum water loss
  • Conserves water and Time

Oob Automation’s Smart Sprinkler can be used in:

  • Home
  • Garden
  • Agriculture area
  • Industrial area
  • Residential area