Temperature Sensor

Oob Automation Provides Temperature Sensor it is used to measure temperature. The measurement of temperature sensor is about the hotness and coolness of an Object. A Temperature is a device, typically, a thermocouple or RTD, that Provides for temperature measurement through an electrical Signal. The Temperature sensor can used in Home automation, office, Hospital Automation System like Fan and AC.

Normally our room temperature is 25C to 30C is not affected to human body. We can set the Temperature Sensor in the room. At that time we are gain the speed of Fan when the room temperature is 25C to 30C. When the room temperature is gone 30C Automatically fan goes to Off and AC ON. And the temperature is gone below 20C to 15C at that time AC goes to Off and Fan is ON.


A Temperature Sensor you can operate in Home, Office, Hotel, Hospital etc. you can Operate temperature Sensor anytime anywhere in the world. Oob Automation Provides you an application so, You can operate temperature sensor through the Smartphone(Android/iOS).


  • No external power required
  • Support for wider temperature range
  • More stable
  • High accuracy
  • Higher Output
  • Faster in Operation


  • It can be used in the home Automation system like Fan and AC.
  • It can be also used in industries like warehouse and etc.
  • It is used to measurement of hotness and coolness of an Object.
  • Home Automation
  • Hotel Automation
  • Hospital Automation
  • Industrial Automation