The Hub

The Hub is one of the smart wireless hubs in which you can access and control all the appliances of home through the Smartphone Application (Android/iOS).

Oob Automation’s Hub comes with all the features of the baby hub and an inbuilt sim card. In the Oob Automation system hub, you can access IR-based remote systems like TV, AC, Music system, projector, etc. The inbuilt WIFI of the hub is connected with our home WIFI routers. These hubs work as a translator between recent devices and IoT technology. The Hub adds good potential to the ancient devices by using the IoT.

You can operate the Hub from different 9 ways as a touch panel and manual switch, any types of IR remote, android and iOS app, smartwatch, tablet, and laptop/desktop, Alexa and google home, Oob smart o ring accessible from worldwide.

  • No need for an extra WIFI router
  • In-Built WIFI setup in this hub
  • No need to extra Space
  • Connected with multiple devices
  • Hub is a less expensive product
  • It can extend the total distance of the network
  • Hub is broadcast of all the ports.
  • A hub offers internal connectivity between the system
  • A smart hub can support multiple users at the same time
  • It can connect different media types.
  • Inbuilt sim card
  • Voltage : 90V to 230V
  • Frequency : 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Remote : IR remote or 433Mhz
  • Module size : As per standard
  • Weight : <1KG
  • Material : ABS or acrylic
  • Sound indication : Buzzer
  • Technology : Wi-Fi / Radio Frequency
  • Load capacity : 2A to 30A
  • Security : Oob Algorithm
  • Operation Temperature : -40 C to 85 C
  • Relative humidity : 5 to 95 %
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Home
  • Smart building
  • Smart Hotel
  • Smart Hospital