Video Door Phone

Oob Automation Provides smart wireless video door phone System. The video Door Phone is a two-way audio and one way video communication system that enables you to screen and interact with your visitors. A Video door phone allows you to see through who the person is on the other side of the door. The Video door phone is connected to your home through WIFI and can trigger an alarm if it is being tempered.

Video Door phones are intercom system that are used to make calls from the entrance of a building so as to communicate with visitors without any physical interaction and engage with them only if you wish to. It is a sophisticated security device which lets you know the identity of the person ringing your doorbell without letting them in. When someone rings the bell—or approaches the door, depending on the system—the doorbell sends an alert to your phone and activates the camera, letting you see a clear picture of who’s there, no matter where you happen to be.

It is the process of watching over a facility which is under suspicion or area to be secured main part of the surveillance electronic security system consists of camera and CCTV Cameras which forms as eyes to surveillance system. If you are looking to prevent theft or robbery attempts at your Office or at your home video Door phone is the best solution. You can connected video Door phone into Smartphone. Oob Automation Provides Mobile Application(Android/ios) so you can access video door phone anytime anywhere in the world.

Benefits :

  • Easy to install
  • Alarm Signal
  • Improved Security
  • Automatic candid photography
  • Alarm Reminder
  • Remote Communication
  • One Video phone can connect with multi cell phones (Android/iOS)
  • 24*7 Security Provider
  • Easy way to communicate to visitor
  • increase your security
  • Protect your home for unknown person and thief


  • Home
  • Apartment
  • Buildings