Alexa and Google home

We all have must be heard about and used the Voice Assistant technology and Google Home and Alexa are the two most popular Voice assistant in the modern era. With the help of Alexa and Google Home we can listen to Music, On/Off all lights. The voice assistant can be your assistant giving a Classy look to the home and office with the Voice hub of Oob Automation integrated with Alexa and Google Home. One can Control all the Appliances like lights, fans, TV (including video casting), AC, Music systems (on more than one set) of Home, Office, Hotel, and hospital by Alexa and Google. The biggest benefit of Google Home and Alexa is their ability to provide a factual response to the question.

Alexa and Google Home match look like tiny pieces of furniture that can be customized to match your decor. You can make a call with your voice to any number in the world, video call, keep yourself updated with news, reminders, schedules also can schedule alarm and use in the kitchen.

Benefits Of Alexa home automation and Google Home automation:

  • You can play music and videos
  • Can identify the different voice
  • Multiple device control at the same time.
  • It is customized to match your Furniture
  • You can do call and video call