OOB Automation for Home, Hotels, Retail, Banks, Automotive & Healthcare

Oob Automation is one of the leading Automation company. Oob Automation provides industrial Automation, Hotel Automation, Hospital Automation, Agriculture Automation and education Automation. In Oob Automation system you can operate all the appliances in just one touch.

Oob Controller controls and monitors Various system Safety, Comfort, convenience and energy Savings. You have been managing different remotes for your Lights, Fan, AC, Smart TV, Set top Box, Water Pump, Water heater, Digital Door Lock and many more appliances. We make a one App (Android/iOS) with fully automation system, so you can operate all the Appliances in “Just One Touch”.

Operate your lighting devices by 9 different ways

you can operate single light from different 9 way as touch panel and manual switch, any type of IR remote, android and iOS app, tablet and laptop/desktop, smart watch, alexa and google home, oob smart o ring to accesses from world wide.

Our Products

Our products give stylish and classy look to your house and it is easy to install and no need to change internal wiring.

you can easily control all the appliances in just one touch. Just installed our Android app on Your Android phone or iPhone and manage all your devices and you can also easily to add or remove devices, on/off and dimming ,set timer and scheduling, grouping and scenario and have child lock and repeat mode in the app. You can also manage all appliances by Alexa and Google home too.


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