Voice Hub

When it comes to digitization, more and more smart home and connected devices corporations are adding support for Amazon’s smart AI assistant, Alexa, and Google Home. There is a long list of items that can be managed with your voice command with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Voice.

Oob Automation’s smart voice hub can control all the appliances of the Homelike Ceiling fans, Fan, lighting, music, locking door. Oob Automation has teamed up with Amazon to allow you to manage your ceiling fans speeds, music, security, lights, A.C., Ovens, and others with Alexa. However, because of security, you cannot raise Alexa to unlock your doors.

You don’t get to wire your home to regulate your lights by voice with Alexa. With Alexa and your voice, you’ll be able to flip the bulbs on or off, line their brightness for dimmers, and even amend their color if the bulbs you got support color. If you already own a smart hub home, it may be compatible with Amazon’s Echo and Alexa or Google home.

  • You can access all the appliances through Alexa, Google Home and Amazon echo
  • You can access the ingredients through voice command
  • Voltage : 90V to 230V
  • Frequency : 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Remote : IR remote or 433Mhz
  • Module size : As per standard
  • Weight : <0.5KG
  • Material : Brass/ABS/PMMA
  • Sound indication : Buzzer
  • Technology : IR/433Mhz short range/Radio Frequency/Lora/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi /GSM
  • Security : Oob Algorithm
  • Operation Temperature : -40 C to 85 C
  • Relative humidity : 5 to 95 %
  • Mount : wall/ceiling/table
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Building