Automatic Gate Control

Oob Provides smart wireless Gate control module system. Automatic Gates are used to control access into secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility, and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic Gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate.

Automatic Gates are also used at interior areas within a facility. For Example, automatic gates are commonly used within the inside of a parking garage to separate employee parking areas from public areas of the garage.

Automatic Gate works on an electric motor. It is an entrance gate which can be opened and closed via an electric powered mechanism which work on AC or DC power source.

Automatic Gates are used as a safety measure at a home or a property and they are also used to add charm and beauty to the Home. An automatic Gates can be opened and closed with the commands on the remote control. You can also access Automatic Gate by Mobile Application (Android/iOS).
For Example, there are 5 members in your family and you have a simple entrance gate. So you have to hire security person for open and close the Gate. If you will get Oob smart wireless Gate control module at your home then you can access your motorized gate from smartphone (Android & iOS).After install this system no need to Security person to open and close the gate and no need to pay. And unknown person is not open the Gate without the access so you will get Security at your home. You can control this system anytime anywhere in the world.


  • Safety and Security Provider
  • Privacy
  • you can set different types of lock to opened and closed the gate
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • No need Security Person
  • High Quality and Features
  • Access by mobile application(Android/ios) anytime anywhere in the world


  • Home
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Malls
  • Commercial area
  • industrial area