Automatic Gate Control

Have you ever used the remote control gates? I know many of you must have used remote control gates at least once in your life. If the motorized gate at your home is working on remotes and the number of remotes for the gates is limited to access the gate compelling you to hire a security person costing you extra money. But with the Oob smart wireless Gate control module you can access your motorized gate from a smartphone (Android & iOS) anytime and anywhere in the world eradicating the need for a security person and saving the cost.

Automatic Gate Control System

Oob Provides a smart wireless Gate control module system. Automatic Gate remote control is used to control and access the automatic gates mostly used at the entrance to the facility and to control vehicular access. Automatic Gates can also be used in interior areas within the facility, garage, etc. Automatic Gate works on an electric motor and can be operated via an electric-powered mechanism that works on AC or DC power source.

A remote control gate opener is a wireless system that adds security and charm to the beauty of your home, office, or work area. An automatic Gates can be opened and closed via remote control commands or a Mobile application (Android/iOS).

Why automatic gates by Oob Automation?

  • Safety and Security Provider
  • Complete Privacy
  • Can set different types of lock for enhanced security
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-savvy
  • No need Security Person
  • High Quality and Features

Oob’s Automated Gate system can be used:

  • Home
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Malls
  • Commercial area
  • industrial area