Hotel Automation

A fully automated system in a hotel empowers building house owners to offer their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions like lighting, temperature, drapes, and audio/video, increased comfort through microprocessor-based sensible bed-side consoles, music system, etc., from the comfort of their bed with barely.

A reliable Guest area Automation System can help in addressing typical operational considerations of varied purposeful departments together with the front workplace, area sales/marketing, work, engineering, and security. The Guest area Automation System offers seamless integration with HVAC, lighting, room safes, mini bar, door locks, computerized maintenance management system, and guest area management systems. This also allows guests to experience increased comfort through microprocessor-based sensible bed-side consoles, lights, air-conditioner, TV, music system, etc., from the comfort of their bed with barely.

The integration of the guest rooms with the building property management system also helps to observe and manage HVAC supported occupancy to cut back energy prices, instant solution to guest’s requests for improved services, quick cooling of area for comfort once the guest checks-in, monitor guest’s departure for cleansing service, etc.

Oob’s building automation solutions enable customers to expertise high come back on investment through better operational efficiencies, effective management of resources, reduced energy prices, total guest comfort, and convenience, and increased client services.

Hotel Automation solutions

Our fully automated system in the hotel gives integration with numerous alternative systems within the building for efficient guest area controls including:

  • Extra-low voltage shift system together with lights, HVAC, TV system, and drapes through comfort consoles
  • Room standing watching for energy management supported occupancy (Guest-in, Guest-out, Sleep-mode), housekeeping, guest arrival, etc.
  • Integration with alternative in-room electronic guest area functions together with easy electronic safe, electronic mini-bar, electronic door locks (to active and deactivate energy), and sensible door chime panel (with indicators like ‘Privacy Please’, ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Make-up/Service room’)
  • Integration with the ‘Service decision System’ that mechanically pages for the building workers with the guest’s name and area range, therefore guaranteeing tokenish latent period once the guest activates the service panel
  • Guest area on-line management for reception workplace, work, engineering, mini-bar management station, pantry man-management station, security workplace, and more.
  • Check-in/out: Smart hotel automation solutions offer guest check-in & check-out without any paperwork by the wireless system in just one touch. One can also monitor check-in/out time without disturbing hotel Members.
  • Front Desk: Hotel room automation systems help hotel management to get all information on their Mobile Screen of Check-in/out, id proof, extends of days too eradicating the need to visit hotel desk for any services. It helps to get All information in just one touch of Oob Automation’s App.
  • Housekeeping: Guest room automation now can help guests schedule housekeeping using the app by eliminating the need of calling or submit keys for housekeeping.
  • QR code: Hotel room automation systems allow guests to directly go to the room and scan room QR using mobile to get direct access in the room on reaching the hotel without the interference of any Hotel Staff.
  • World in your palm: Whether you are hungry or feeling hot or want to catch up on some loved TV shows One can easily do everything at the fingertips using the Oob Mobile App or smartwatch.
  • Spa: In just one touch guests will be offered the information of Hotel spa availability including payment and schedule.
  • Gallery: Guests can have a sneak peek at the pictures of Hotels Rooms, Restaurant, Garden area, Gym, pool, and spa.
  • Cab/Taxi: OOB mobile app offers the booking of cab/Taxi from the Hotel.
  • Hotel Info: OOB mobile app provides entire hotel details like all over the area, rooms detail in one touch offering great value hotels for your trip.